River of Lost Souls

RIVER OF LOST SOULS is an in-depth and gripping chronicle of human history in the Four Corners Country of the American West as told through the extractive industries that have exploited the area and the pollution they left behind. Long-time environmental journalist Jonathan Thompson starts with the Gold King Mine disaster of 2015, which turned the Animas River orange with mining-related sludge and toxic metals for over 100 miles downstream, wreaking havoc on cities, farms, and the Navajo Nation along the way. He walks readers through the history behind the disaster, and explains the geologic, chemical, and hydrologic forces that created the acid mine drainage that burst from the mine that day. Most alarmingly, Thompson reveals that the Gold King was just the tip of the pollution iceberg, and that the Animas River watershed — holy land to several southwestern tribes — has been a sacrifice zone for mining, uranium production, fracking, drilling, and coal burning for nearly 150 years.

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