Lost Souls Press

Lost Souls Press is a micro-publishing venture dedicated to bringing literary lost souls to the reading public. LSP will be publishing works from Jonathan P. Thompson, Ian M. Thompson, James Aldrich, Malcolm Brautigan, Eliza Santos, and others.

For more information, to carry River of Lost Souls titles, or to pre-order books, please contact Jonathan@RiverOfLostSouls.com


SlickrockCoverEbookBehind the Slickrock Curtain: In the not so distant future, the planet burns, the nation reels from the effects of a pandemic, Truth is on the brink of extinction, and the late-president tweets madly from the grave. In the midst of it all Durango artist Peter Simons heads into Utah’s Canyon Country to scout locations for his biggest project ever. When Peter fails to return on time, and mercenaries reeking of Axe body spray and working for the federal government start asking questions about him, Peter’s wife Eliza Santos launches a search. She calls on Peter’s old friend and her ex-lover, disgraced journalist and purveyor of fake news, Malcolm Brautigan, for help.

As they search for Peter they unwittingly uncover a tangled scheme led by oligarchs, an alluring petroleum engineer, and corrupt government officials to ravage a sacred landscape with a tar sands operation. But the more they learn, the more they suspect that it is merely a smokescreen for a much bigger operation involving a long-lost deposit of high-grade uranium. But are the perpetrators trying to destroy the planet? Or save it? And why are they so interested in Malcolm’s memories?

Behind the Slickrock Curtain, Part I of the Project Petrichor Environmental Thriller Series, is a riveting, racy, irreverent romp through the Anthropocene. Author Jonathan P. Thompson gives readers and an insightful, humorous, and sometimes scathing exploration of eco-despair, disinformation in the post-truth age, love, friendship, and the power of memory and place.

Coming soon to an independent bookstore near you.

Now available as an ebook from Maria’s Bookshop in Durango, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Amazon, and other retailers.

Read a few sample chapters of Behind the Slickrock Curtain


The Wingate Project: A sweeping historical novel based in the Four Corners Country, by Ian M. Thompson, (Fall 2021). FeralWestCoverSNS

The Feral West: Writings and images from the home place, by Jonathan P. Thompson (February 2022). 

Black Snow: A former hobo reminisces about riding the rails, politics, and philosophy, by James O. Aldrich

Better Than Keks Cookbook: Healing recipes for a f#$#ed up world, by Jonathan P. Thompson 

Snow Screen: In which chem-trails, murder by avalanche, cloud-seeding, and small-town journalism collide. Starring Malcolm Brautigan, Eliza Santos, and the Woman with the сняг tattoo (December 2021).

Ortega, a novel by Ian M. Thompson.

Carbon Colonies: The rise and fall of the fossil fuel empires in the Southwest, non-fiction by Jonathan P. Thompson

Sonntag: The incredible true story of a German Jew who spent the War in Auschwitz and the American GI whom he befriended, by Wendy Thompson and Jonathan P. Thompson. 

Mine Pool: An Eliza Santos and Malcolm Brautigan novel, by Jonathan P. Thompson

Pinhead Chronicles: A steampunk novel based on the true story of Tesla, Telluride, the electrical grid, and Lucien L. Nunn, by Jonathan P. Thompson

Metamorphosis of Longing: A re-release of the cli-fi erotica by Malcolm Brautigan.