Editor, writer, researcher for hire

I offer a wide range of editorial services, from journalistic writing, to copyediting, to commercial copywriting. I bring over over 23 years of experience as an award-winning journalist, editor, and author to every one of my clients.

I don’t normally look this stern, but when I do it’s because I take your words seriously.

I’ll take on projects big and small, short-term to ongoing, from proofreading web copy to fact-checking research papers to line-editing book-length manuscripts. I offer professionalism, oodles of experience, and a willingness to work with a variety of different budgets. I’m friendly, efficient, and adaptable to clients’ needs.

Services include (but are not limited to):

• magazine and newspaper journalism, writing, and editing;

• copywriting for advertisements, websites, business plans, and more;

• copyediting and proofreading (AP Style and/or Chicago Manual of Style);

• developmental editing and writing coaching on everything from mission statements to cover letters to long-form feature stories to book-length manuscripts;

• assistance with all phases of self-publishing projects, from developmental editing to  proofreading to design to logistics to publishing to marketing and distributing;

• research, data-collection, and data-crunching;

• smoothing out the wrinkles in text that has been translated into English;

• fact-checking;

• photo-editing;

• helping you find your writerly voice;

• full-blown rewrites and ghost-writing;

• gathering, organizing, synthesizing, and polishing your scattered information and words into usable text for your website, business, or organization;

• and many more editorial services.

I am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the Author’s Guild.

For more information on my work experience and testimonials from folks I’ve worked with, please see my LinkedIn profile.

Stories I have written for High Country News over the past 13 years.

Cover stories on which I’ve been the lead editor (from developmental through line-editing) on, include: a captivating read by Paige Blankenbuehler about the endangered pupfish; a harrowing story about an oil well explosion on the edge of a Colorado suburb by the Story Group; a lovely essay about the “Pioneer of Ruin” by Sarah Gilman; and, perhaps my favorite, the late Chuck Bowden’s essay about Ed Abbey, Charles Ives, and the outlaws. I even line-edited a graphic novel that had been translated from Bulgarian into English, turning the stilted text into readable prose.

I’m also a top-notch data-journalist, with special expertise in gathering data about energy development and putting it into readable form. For a small sampling of that work, see my Tableau page. 

And I even do graphic design.


Contact me to chat about how I can help you realize your next project: Jonathan@RiverOfLostSouls.com