Burning Sunflower Publishing

Burning Sunflower Publishing was established in 2019 by Jonathan P. Thompson and River of Lost Souls Media to provide an outlet for works that may be too experimental, too erotic, too eccentric, or too (adjective of your choice) for traditional publishers.

Burning Sunflower’s debut certainly fits the bill. The Metamorphosis of Longing: Tales of libido, albedo, sex, and suspense, consists of two short stories (“Bar Game” and “Pears and Polaroids”), in addition to a warped, erotic cli-fi novella about, yes, libido, albedo, geo-engineering, weather modification, and international intrigue. It was written by Malcolm Brautigan, a disgraced environmental journalist turned fake news purveyor turned erotica writer. This slim volume is his first work of fiction.

Burning Sunflower will publish a small number of additional titles in the future. It will also produce and sell artwork by Jonathan P. Thompson and his fictional characters.